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Asking for Referrals for Joint Venture Partners
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     Often times, it takes some leg work to find the best joint venture partners for any business venture you may be considering. Every business is different and every business deserves a different level of organization and attention to these important details. Before you write off a business or a person as being unable to provide you with the resources or skills that you need to build your business, consider what they can offer in the way of a referral.

     A referral is a reference that one person provides to another. It is often a recommendation and for that reason, it is often a great tool to have as you are considering people to work with you on a project or a business plan. Here's how this can work in your favor. You start to network to build up a following of people who are interested in the joint venture that you have. Perhaps you are unable to get them to sign on because the plan is so new or perhaps it is limiting. Instead of giving up and doing the work yourself, ask for referrals. Who would they recommend are people that could be an ideal partner for you? Why do referrals work?

  • You get someone who has an in to help you to find partners to work with. This often means that you have the ideal opportunity to find someone who can offer something unique to your business.

  • Sometimes, just asking for a referral is easier and more effective than trying to lure in a joint venture partner on your own. You may not feel comfortable asking a guru, for example, to partner with you. After asking for referrals, they may just join in with you anyway.

  • Asikng for referrals allows you to find people that you may not have known about but those that could be a great option. In both the online and the offline world, this type of interaction can be just what you need to find the success you need within a business model.

     Referrals are often a great choice for those who are looking for joint venture partners. In any business model, this is one of the foundations that you can build from. It is always a good idea to learn as much as you can about the referral before you actually agree to work with them, though, to ensure they are the right fit for your plan. Footer Banner